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About Us

We're a fast-growing SaaS scale-up with cutting-edge technology on a mission to help businesses take back control of their data to make well-informed decisions.
We're proud to serve and be trusted by leading brands such as XXXLutz, Pixum, Santander, Libro, and Humanic.

Join us as we continue to change the way web data is captured and forwarded while complying with the strictest data privacy regulations around the globe. New markets are awaiting us as we expand our reach and team.

Together, we will create a new era for website data.

Because we love data


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Just another Startup?

Our team is the heart of JENTIS
We live a positive and productive culture where everyone's ideas matter, personal growth is fostered, and innovation thrives.


Flexibility and Remote-First Culture

At JENTIS, we value flexibility as a key part of our culture, allowing you to choose how, when, and where you work best: be it from home, an office, or a cozy coffee shop. Our remote-first philosophy supports this flexibility, ensuring you stay connected with the team regardless of your location. You have the freedom to create your ideal work environment.


Trust, Transparency, and Responsibility

Our foundation is built on trust and transparency, eliminating the need for micromanagement. We empower you with personal responsibility, giving you autonomy in your work and decision-making, ensuring that your ideas are valued and your contributions impactful.


Learning Culture and Professional Development

We are committed to continuous learning and professional development. You will have access to resources and support for your work and your growth, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of your industry. With this comes the opportunity to grow and innovate within your role.


Communication and Individual Impact

JENTIS promotes a culture of collaboration and open communication, where every team member has the opportunity to make a tangible impact on our business. Your voice is not just heard; it actively shapes our future. Communicating your opinions and ideas is not just encouraged but expected.

Startup Chaos

Startup Chaos and Innovation

Embrace the unique startup chaos that drives creativity and innovation. In our dynamic environment, your ideas and experiences play a crucial role and make a lasting impact as we evolve. This environment fuels creativity, keeps things exciting, and ensures that no two days are the same.


Diversity and Global Reach

Our team's diversity, comprising over 18 nationalities, is one of our greatest strengths. We value the unique perspectives and experiences each member brings, enhancing our work and driving our commitment to expanding our global reach.

At JENTIS, we're not just another startup. We're a thriving team that values your growth, champions collaboration, and provides the flexibility to craft your ideal work experience.

Welcome to JENTIS:
Where Remote Work Sparks Team Magic.

Our remote-first philosophy isn't just about working from home; it's about connecting and working together across several timezones, effortlessly.

Being a remote-first company is our compass to offer unparalleled flexibility for our team members, foster international collaboration, and scout for the best talents, ensuring that we assemble the dream team, unrestricted by wherever they call home.

But that's not all. Our remote-first strategy empowers us to build a diverse and culturally rich multinational team, gathering a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and experiences to fuel our innovation and success. Teamwork in Your Pajamas.

What our Team has to say:

I have had the privilege of working at JENTIS, and I can say that my time here has been valuable. From day one, I've been welcomed into a dynamic and supportive team. JENTIS has provided me with many opportunities for professional development, and I have enjoyed every moment of my journey here. The dedication to excellence, commitment to employee well-being, and the company's forward-thinking approach have made my experience truly memorable. I'm excited to continue contributing to our collective success and growth in the future.

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My time at JENTIS is an immense growth journey. As Strategy Manager, JENTIS gives me ownership and the possibility to influence decisions taken at a company level. Colleagues quickly become friends and are welcoming and warm. One word to how inclusive the team is and how much fun it is too! Having autonomy but being quickly supported when asking for help are standard. There's a genuine learning mindset, therefore failures are seen as growth opportunities, both personally and for the company. Proud to be part of the team and work with such driven, kind and competent team members!

→ Visit Miralis Profile

The team at JENTIS is one of the greatest assets. They not only possess the necessary technical skills and expertise but also have a genuine passion for what they do. What impressed me the most was the collaborative approach to problem-solving. Every team member was readily accessible and eager to share their insights and ideas, creating an innovative atmosphere.

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